Assessing 21st Century Skills
In this PowerPoint and archived video SEADAE Member Ken Skrzesz shares his work in Maryland examining arts assessment through the lens of 21st century skill sets. For an overview of the work and a sampling of SEADAE member sharing of expertise as professional development please watch the first 14 minutes of the video from 00:00-13:54. This will introduce you to Maryland’s ground breaking work in designing valid ways to measure learning in 21st century skills such as collaboration and critical thinking by identifying observable behaviors that may be assessed.
SEADAE members are often called upon for their expertise in standards based instruction and assessment within their states, providing hundreds of hours of professional development yearly to educators, and also sharing their knowledge with other member states. This PowerPoint is an example of the types of content, showing SEADAE expertise and sharing. This particular workshop, Assessing 21st Century Skills, was presented at SEADAE’s 2016 National Arts Assessment Symposium in Grapevine, Texas, by SEADAE member Ken Skrzesz. The live presentation was filmed and archived for public access on our SEADAE wiki at

Sample: A PowerPoint presentation and video archive of a SEADAE member presenting on assessing students for 21st century skills, summarizing a year-long study in Maryland of assessment in the arts.

To see the actual presentation as streaming video please go here:

Assessing 21st Century Skills from SEADAE on Vimeo.